A Tiny Flower


I am trying to observe positivity in my daily life. This is first write up on this topic. I believe that the more you look into positive things the more you can spread positivity. Remember, you are what you see!

Yesterday I noticed this small flower, hardly one centimeter in size but seems like its aims are touching the sky, looks like it has been constantly fighting every day and night with some issues like heavy boots, harsh weather, excessive watering, hot sunlight, but still it is standing, with his petals facing the sky. He rose from the ground on the way which is actually a walkway, there is a high chance of being crushed but it is smiling at the sun.

You can find motivation in small things of life, like this tiny flower, that most people might ignore due to its size. But if you are persistence in finding inspiration you can bend your knees, take a close up and look what message this little buddy is giving you.

This flower is communicating the message of hope, strength and courage that whatever the world puts on your shoulder, there is always a reason to smile!


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