Be A Man – International Men’s Day 2018

On International Men’s Day I want to remind all those men who have forgotten themselves somewhere while sacrificing their lives and time for their parents, children, families: The message is take out time for yourself, it‘s not a bad thing to take care of yourself, don’t put your health in risk by going too far in working extra hours and doing unsafe tasks for earning bread and butter for your family, instead try to maintain this within limits. It is OK to take care of your style and face, it‘s not girlish to put on sunscreen cream and protect your skin from sunlight and eventually from skin cancer. It‘s good to take care of your dressing. It‘s OK to be soft-spoken, you don’t have to show your bad side or bad-mouth or shout to express your masculinity. It is OK to cry and express your emotion, don’t just kill yourself by not being emotional which can cause depression and anxiety, so take care of your mental health, it‘s OK not to be OK, share your feelings, share your emotions. It‘s time to change the meanings of Be A Man!

Syed Owais Mukhtar

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