Benefits Of Thinking Differently

Benefits Of Thinking Differently

Thinking…A word with vast meanings. A person is identified by his thoughts and perceptions. If he thinks positive, then he must have positive things and success in his life. On the other hand, if he has a habit of negative thinking, then he must have negativities and failures in his life. So we can say that thinking has great influence in someone’s life. So one should think differently to bring revolution in his life. Following are the points which can enable a person to bring changes in his life by thinking differently.


  • Being a sensible person one should have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. If a person is telling you that certain person or thing is wrong, then you should think by your own, must have to see by your own eyes whether the person is telling right or not and not to believe in what others say. Many people have exaggerating habit so who knows that the person who is speaking ill of anyone to you is trustworthy or speaking a lie. This way of thinking differently can help you to maintain your relationships positive and you will have no harsh feelings for others as well. The bonus point of thinking differently is that you will have the maximum number of friends and people who like you and love you.


  • By thinking differently you must have peace of mind and heart. You must have no regrets in your life. For example, if we take an example of professional life then you must have listened and seen that due to any propaganda of anyone against other people in office or any other professional field ruin someone’s career forever. So by thinking differently, we can easily be able to bring changes and easiness around us and in our lives, not totally but to some extent.


  • By thinking differently someone can have a peaceful domestic life as well. The clashes in between husband and wife and more inspiring characters that is mother in law and daughter in law can be eliminated and can be minimized easily. The husband must create a habit to listen to her wife and place his ego at a side. On the other hand, the wife should also play an important character of a humble and patient lady. I must say she must have the trace of grace and dignity. To be humble and non-egoistic is an easy thing and far much easier for a woman as compared to man. Mostly man has stern nature. I am not speaking ill about the man but telling you about the nature of man by birth. If I discuss case two that is of the mother in law and daughter in law then by thinking differently they both can be like friends. The mother in law considers daughter in law to be her own daughter while daughter in law should consider mother in law to be her own other. The traditional thinking about mother in law and daughter in law and the negative impact of both of them can be easily changed by thinking differently.


  • If someone advises us, then we all have nature that we think instantly negative that he is taunting us or insulting us and we feel embarrassment. After that, we never want to talk or to see that person’s face again. Even do not want to meet him. If we think differently and think why he does so and what are the objectives of that advise then we will realise that we are wrong at our place. Because usually, two types of people advise us, one is wellwisher of us and others are those who have sarcastic nature. Not necessary each and every person advise us sarcastically, be positive and think differently might be there is any benefit to us in that advise. This case can also be seen in offices that if someone who is an experienced person in his field advises us something, then we think why is he saying like this? Am I a fool or uneducated one? So one must think differently about the designation of that person and his experiences that he did not get all these overnight. He must have given his time and had struggled hard to reach that destiny and glory.


  • If we take an example of parents then we see that they also advise us that do this not do that. We also take all these advises negatively and often become angry by their pieces of advice. At this place we must have to think that they are our own, how do they taunt or hurt us? How do they think of me like this in spite of the fact that I am his or her daughter or son etc? But the thing is that when we ponder over the fact then we can easily justify that by acting upon our parent’s advise we will be a successful and talented person of our society.


I think above all lines are quite enough to think differently about different aspects of life and events.

Author : Hina Akhter

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