Whenever you are stuck somewhere, or you have to start something new the best thing to do it to seek guidance! There are a lot of people who might be seeking guidance, and there are a lot more who are always ready to give guidance. But the issue is most people are unable to distinguish…

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Does CGPA Matters Does CGPA Matters

When someone asks me, “Does CGPA really important in finding a job? My answer is always a “Yes”. Most of the motivational speakers and soft skills trainers neglect the importance of good grades, in justifying their opinion they give examples of Mark Zuckerberg who invented Facebook, Steve Jobs was created Apple Inc. and Bill Gates…

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How To Handle Your Rude Boss How To Handle Your Rude Boss

Andrea Cunningham worked in the Apple when Steve Jobs was the boss. Steve was a very rude boss. He was an impatient person. He mostly got angry with his workers, he threw things upon them, criticized even their clothing and lot of stuff. He fired Andrea about five times. The first time he fired Andrea,…

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