Why Positive People Are More Inspirational Why Positive People Are More Inspirational

A person writes in his diary, “This year I nearly ended up my life, this year I lost my job and was financially broke, this year I had an operation which made my health more deteriorated, I am finished”, while he was writing this her wife was standing behind him reading all this, she smiled…

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I saw an under construction mosque and I went there and saw various masons working, I asked one of them how things are going and he replied, “this work seems never ending, I am not getting enough to support my family, I don’t know why we are working seven days a week and not getting…

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Why Inspiratian?

It was always my desire to inspire people, this is the reason most of my time was spent on social media sharing thoughtful articles, motivational quotes, inspirational stories, videos and messages, and there is always a sense of belonging when I think about the word inspiration. The message of positivity, optimism, beauty, courage always inspires…

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