Disability Is Not The Inability

Disability Is Not The Inability

Taking this motive forward, Sir Adeeb Rizvi’s SIUT has conducted 50 volunteering batches to date mustering approximately 7000 volunteers, each coming with a different story and background. You are free to ask any one of them; if there is a more uplifting and heartening personality after Sir Adeeb himself in SIUT, without any discredit, it is Zainab Baji.
“Lakri ki kati, Kati pe ghoura” and “Nani Teri moorni ko moor le gaye, baqi Jo bacha tha kalay chor legaye” echoing in the paediatrics ward (AKA children’s ward) in the extremely melodious voice of Zainab Baji with a masterfully played the piano in the background. “Aao mil kr baatein dukh, dukh ki baat krein” voicing Zainab Baji who lacks the ability of sight, but as Allah takes one sense from you, He gifts you with something even better. In Zainab Baji’s case, it is her tuneful voice and her golden heart. Every volunteering batch starts and ends with her sweet, mesmerizing voice praising the greatness of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Listening to her hamds and naats, there is not even a hint of complaint about her disability.

Zainab Baji has been serving in SIUT for the last 10 years. In these ten years, her motive was only to cheer up the children in pain, make them forget their illness for a while and enjoy the time with her. The patients from rural parts of Pakistan get along her, singing, dancing and enjoying even though some of them do not even understand Urdu or the lyrics properly and this tells the success of her cause and dedication to her job. Talking to the volunteers once, she said

“When these kids sing along me, I forget for a moment that I cannot see. It feels like I can see them smiling. I can see them singing and dancing.”


Zainab Baji’s disability did not stop her from contributing towards the betterment of the society. She is also the first disabled person to sign a will for organ donation. That’s not all; Zainab Baji has also perfected playing the piano.
Zainab Baji may be lacking the sense of sight but that does not make her blind, unlike our governmental institutions, Zainab Baji can see and feel the pain and suffering surrounding her. Blind are our government, our politicians and our bureaucracy who choose to roll their eyes on hardships and distress. In a society where feminists are moaning over male dominance and for more opportunities, Zainab Baji has also played such a role that made their argument fell on themselves. She has shown the world that you do not need to cry for opportunities and chances and has shown how a single individual can work for the betterment of society and has literally illustrated that the SKY IS THE LIMIT.

By Raazi Ali Khan –

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