Does CGPA Matters?

Does CGPA Matters

When someone asks me, “Does CGPA really important in finding a job? My answer is always a “Yes”.

Most of the motivational speakers and soft skills trainers neglect the importance of good grades, in justifying their opinion they give examples of Mark Zuckerberg who invented Facebook, Steve Jobs was created Apple Inc. and Bill Gates who started Microsoft, they were all dropouts from high school, but most of the time while giving their example they forget the fact that however, these are dropouts but they are drop out from that level of which most of the individuals only dream of, reaching that level was not possible with the help of good grades, i.e. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg all are dropouts from Harvard, do you think that they reached Harvard without good grades? Never.

This is the reason when someone asks, “are good grades important for employment or important for finding a job?” my answer is always “yes”, it depends on situation to situation, good grades are important at some point of your life and sometimes they become irrelevant, all depend on time.

When you are searching for a job and applying to companies, when an employer got a bunch of resumes and job applications, “good grades” are one of the criteria for shortlisting beside other professional qualification, like certification, and skill sets. So good grades are extremely important if you want to be shortlisted for a certain portion position that you just applied for. They can help you in getting shortlisted, and appear in front of an interview panel where you can fully express yourself, but without good grades that is seldom possible.

When good grades become unimportant? Once you are selected for a job position then good grades become irrelevant, now onwards your skill set including interpersonal skills, communication skills leadership skills and your professional experience will help you in becoming successful in your job and your professional working.
Therefore completely neglecting good grades are not justice, my opinion is that good grades are a sign of good education it shows that a person has taken classes with attention, good grades are a sign of being a good student, and this is also true that most of the good students become good professionals.

Also, when you are starting your own business, becoming your own Boss, initiating entrepreneurship, in that case, good grades also doesn’t matter. It all depends on your idea, perfect business plan, a good and competent team and good strategies, but good grades are not one of them.

As I said it depend on situation to situation and time to time, therefore completely neglecting good grades and also thinking that good grades are everything or both extreme opinions; which are not true, it depends relevant when you are applying for jobs or scholarship and becomes unimportant once you start your professional working or your own business.

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Written by Syed Owais Mukhtar

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