Don’ts Of A Resume

1. Too much text in the resume

Don’t add much text in the resume. It will take your resume to the recycle bin. The recruiter spends 8 to 10 seconds on your resume. If you want your resume to be grabbed then you should keep it concise. If you think adding everything in the resume will get you selected then you are thinking wrong because recruiter always finds a person who is master in one not the jack of all trades.

2. Resume more than one page

Don’t add more than one page in your resume. You must hear that writing description will add value to your CV but right now we are talking about resume. A resume should not exceed more than one page. The resume is the bird’s eye view of the person.

3. Too much font change

Don’t make abrupt changes in your font. Recruiter always spends time on the resume that is pleasant to see. If you make too many changes it will be overlooked. Try to keep regular font. You can use your own style of font but that must be same throughout your resume.

4. Missing Career Objective/ Career Summary

Don’t miss career objective/summary in your resume. Career Objective is something that tells the reader about your career goals when you are starting your career as a fresh individual. Career Summary tells about your experience. If you are applying without Career objective or summary then you are considered to be dimensionless.

5. Not updating resume before sending

Don’t forget to update your resume while applying to a job. Every job has its own specifications. Always make a customized resume for applying. If you beat about the bush or you make a general resume that will certainly be rejected. All experiences are not relevant you need to ponder over the designation you are applying for.

6. Writing what you haven’t done

Don’t write anything on which you can’t defend. Recruiter always asks about your resume. If you are not able to speak what you wrote it will create a very bad impact. And most probably your application will not be advancing to the next level.

7. Using unprofessional personal details

Don’t mention unprofessional emails or informal headshots. If you are showing the recruiter that you are unaware of the corporate life or you are not professional enough to make resume then you will easy get rejected. Everything you write in your resume must be formal, clear and rational.

8. General mistakes

Don’t make spelling and punctuation mistakes. Recruiter judges you by a piece of paper. If you make blunders on that piece of paper then how can you expect to be called for an interview?

9. Major points not highlighted

Don’t start with the oldest or weakest experience you think. Always start your resume with the latest experience. Highlight your specialties and mention your present job at first. If you are applying for fresh then write your latest education you have earned so far. 

10. Color background

Don’t use a background that creates irritation while reading your resume. If you use a font that is not readable on the background you use that creates an unpleasant effect while reading. It is pertinent to mention here use black and white or suitable background for the resume. Don’t use blooming colors on your resume.

By Rehan Yasin

Rehan is a seasoned trainer working in the field since last 3 years, he is an engineer and works in the field of technology as well as soft skills training, debating since his students life, he has been appeared in the major tv channels in Pakistan in various competitions and programs on Geo, Bol, Aaj, TvOne, Business Plus and more. He has recently spoken at an event organized by Motivators on Resume Writing covering the above-mentioned points, the presentation, and training event details can be seen from this link.

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