Why Inspirat-ian?

Why Inspiratian?

It was always my desire to inspire people, this is the reason most of my time was spent on social media sharing thoughtful articles, motivational quotes, inspirational stories, videos and messages, and there is always a sense of belonging when I think about the word inspiration. The message of positivity, optimism, beauty, courage always inspires me. The work was spread all over the social media and I needed a platform to do it in a beautiful manner and involve those who are around me, and I think that blog is the best platform to do it. Here we can share blogs, article, videos, tweets, picture and all those stuff which have ever inspired us to make any change. If you think something has ever inspired you, share it with us.

In life we are inspired by many things, this can be personalities, stories, videos, books, articles, talks, blogs, actions, stunts and much and if you think any of the above things have inspired you to make a blog about it and share it with us, we will surely give a place on this blog. Come on, write now, you have met a person few days back and you feel inspired , you felt good, write about it. You attended a training session, conference or workshop and you feel really motivated, now inspired others by sharing details of what you learned. Have you read any book recently? Is it about life sciences, or how you can make your life better, tell us about it, write a summary on it. Have you seen any video lately? Maybe Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Sandeep Maheshwari or Qasim Ali Shah, write a blog about it summarizing what you listened and what you learned from that video.

Also, in life we learn every day, from childhood till death, life is a learning journey, have you experienced any difficult situation lately and somehow you countered it? Write about it. I have met with people who have learned from their seniors, I have met people who have learned from their juniors, and even I have met people who told me stories of how they learned from kids, how they learned from animals, how they learned from daily situation happening in their lives, so if you have learned any good things in life, lets share it and inspire others, help others, be a healer, guide everyone, be a giver!

We at “inspiratian” want to spread positivity, optimism, motivation, courage, faith, belief, struggle, and this is the reason you can find articles and blogs about these topics. We believe to devote every single word of our blog to inspire, where we belong this is the reason the blog name is inspirit-ian rather than inspiration which means we belong to the land of inspiration 🙂

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