How Positive Parenting Influence Your Child

So, the other day as I was passing by a house in my neighbourhood, I heard a loud crying voice of a kid coming out of it accompanied by thwacking sounds. I stopped there trying to make out what the actual matter was. I heard some abusive words in addition to constant scolding. It seemed to be probably some mistake done by that kid. I felt sorry for him anyway.

It is now the case with every other family these days. Parents are overly strict about their children that in case they commit a mistake, they make it a matter of absolute shame for them and abruptly start shouting at them often accompanied with beating rather than considering the actual cause first. Such attitude makes a negative impact upon their personality instead of bringing any positivity to their brought up, that they start having a sense of her parents being ignorant of them.

Firstly, it should be considered that mistakes can be done by anyone being human, so by children. Adults despite being aware of the pros and cons of certain things too are sometimes pretentious as if they are not when it comes to their own benefit. If it is so, then why to blame such young minds? They are our own product after all.

The second thing that matters is the time parents give to their children. It is not just the time, what actually matters is whether they spend quality time with them. I have seen parents who in spite of spending most of their hours working do not let their busyness affect their children’s fosterage.

So, it is a humble request to all parents out there to please avoid double standards and also prioritize the upbringing of their children in order to prepare impeccable parents for the future.

By Muntaha Fatima

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