How To Avoid Negative People

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Once upon a time, there was a labourer living with his wife and only son of early teenage. On a fine morning, he sat on his donkey along with his son and aimed for the city. Not very far from home they met a woman in the way. She looked upon them and shouted, “O, you hard-hearted people, you have no mercy for the poor animal that you both are mounting above it”. They got embarrassed and decided that only father will get on the donkey’s back and son will walk along-side. But after a very short time, they passed by a man who commented, “What a pitiless father is he, he himself is sitting on a donkey and his minor son is walking pedestrian along-side”. Upon that the labourer got down and mounted his son on the donkey’s back. But their bad luck, they met a vendor during the journey who objected, “What a strange son, his father is walking afoot and he’s mounted on donkey’s back”. The ashamed son got down and they decided to just walk along-side the donkey. But it was not a lucky day for them, after some time in their journey they met a group of people, the group laughed at them and commented, “What a poor foolish people they are, they have donkey but they are walking afoot”.
Now they were agitated and tired enough that they made a decision, they both mounted on the donkey and preceded their journey giving no importance to the opinion of these negative people.
Here are some tips which will definitely help you in avoiding these negative people.


First thing first, you must identify the negative persons in your family, friends or office. That’s basically an easy process. Only after identifying them, you can take the steps to avoid them.


After identifying negative persons, it’s your duty that you must save your time and spend as less as possible time with them, or thinking or fretting about them or cursing them. Try to pull them out of your mind, when they are not around. Generally negative people take much of your time, which they don’t deserve.


Positive people are a breeze to spend time with. They give you lot of energy, enjoyment and fulfillment. It’s true that if you spend your most time with positive persons, negative people lose their evil grip on your mind.


You can easily flare up around a negative person. It’s exceptionally important to keep your cool. You can get help from yoga or other similar exercises. Believe me, when you will think about a coming meeting with a negative person with a cool mind, you’ll have more confidence to face that and also fear of the meeting will reduce to the minimum.


You have to determine every morning, which behavior you’ll carry out throughout the day. You want to spend a great day or want to win battles and engage in frequent argumentation with negative people. Decide that you’ll not lose your positive behavior.

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