How To Be A Good Citizen

How To Be A Good Citizen

In the present century, the meaning of citizenship has briskly changed; having exceeded the political context, it is now termed usually regarding the social factors. Synchronically, it is quoted as, a sense of belonging to a community for which one bear some responsibility. The word visibly implies public spiritedness.

Whilst living in a civilized society, some basic social duties and behaviors should be one’s top priority for the advancement and haleness of the workplace environment and neighborhoods across the country. These responsibilities are well in the picture. Citizens are commonly urged to be more sensitive, helpful and altruistic towards their community. If we talk about our own country then beyond the issues that are traditionally seen as causing instability in Pakistan, immense moral dilemma situations are lining up to us.

I reckon that the backbone of this problem is how no one seems to heave their part of the blame. When do you see a youngster giving up his seat for an old lady on the bus, or if its too cliché then let’s take the example of how the very doctors among us, pay no heed to whatever serious condition the patient has arrived with in the hospital before their infamous demand of the clearance. If it rings true in your ears then you would already know the state of ghost employments in some governmental institutions. These conditions and a countless similar ones include in the moral crisis we face in our country on a daily basis. I know we all want this to stop but, it can only stop if we start with ourselves. An Urdu poet rightly said:

“Apni Kharabiyon ko pasey pusht daal kar

Har shakhs keh raha hai zamana kharab hai”

(Leaving behind one’s own shortcomings, the crisis of the downfall of society is on every tongue)

This gradual deterioration of ethical principles; inside and out, often resuscitate the values of a bygone age into the venerable minds. You must have read in Urdu  stories of how every kid in the nook and corner was rightly treated as the child of the entire neighborhood back in time. Most importantly money was not standardized as the medium of acquaintance and close ties. The sense of brotherhood was strong. Sectarian discrimination and violence was less than noticeable. If I could define our ancestors in one word then I would have said, “they were selfless.” The drastic transformation of beastly nature has now turned our society upside down.

Nevertheless, it is important to emphasis on the root cause of our descending moral code. Let me say it, the lack of training. Do we really think that being a good citizen is effortless and it takes no amount of physical or mental development? No, but it’s important to instill consciousness into our young minds. Many children not being able to cope up with the turbulence in their homes are forced to seek refuge outside, often getting held by bad company. Parents have blindly entrusted their children to the schools which sadly don’t focus on the ethics. They teach but do not train and we all know how easy it is to forget the teachings. As a result money-making machines are graduated every year from our educational institutions only to make a negative mark in the society.

By Ayesha Bushra

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