How To Control Your Anger

How to control your anger - Hina Akhter - Review by Syed Owais Mukhtar

Anger is a situation in which a person is out of his mind and state. He becomes unable to differentiate between right and wrong. We can rightly say that a person does not remain in his senses in the state of anger. At this moment, he does not think by his mind as rage dominates. He messes matter without thinking about the consequences and later on he realizes he was wrong and regrets. So one must take those measures by which he can easily control his anger and prevent themselves from negative consequences of it.

Following are some points which if implemented in our daily lives then one must be able to control his habit of anger and if he is not short tempered he can get rid of their anger totally.


Stop worrying what people will think

Make a habit to avoid people opinions that what they will think about us and what we are doing. This thing totally destroys a person self-willpower, his own thoughts, his aims and his determinations. So we should stop thinking about their views and ignore them and prevent ourselves to get angry due to them. This is the best way to avoid negative energy!


Control your body

It is obvious from various religious aspects and also proved by various scientifical studies that our body have an effect on our mind, so whenever we feel raging the first thing we must be doing is to sit down and relax. This action will surely affect our mind and this we will be able to control our anger.

Anger can be controlled if a person makes his mind to control it. Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that when you are in anger in standing state then the best way to control anger is to sit down. He furthermore said that when you are in anger and in sitting state then you should have to lay down. He also told to drink water in the state of anger so that we can easily calm down ourselves.


Avoid anger if you love yourself

Love yourself and control your anger as anger is harmful regarding health and health is the biggest blessing of our creator. Anger can cause certain diseases like the ulcer, headache, depression, heart problems, skin problems like eczema, high blood pressure, insomnia and stroke. So one should avoid it as it is not good for health and give up the habit of anger and rage.


Embrace positivity

If you are feeling angry about a person then we should divert our mind and think of something else. For example, the positive points, good qualities and good deeds of that person whos negativity caused this anger. So that we can easily minimize the intensity of our anger.


Silence and Patience

Another good thing to control your anger is to remain silent. So that the person who is fighting with you in anger can think that if the other person is not responding to me then I should also stop messing things up. In this way, one can easily wind up the fight by controlling his anger. When a person thinks positively about someone, the positive vibes transferred between them which is good for both (for detail read the book “The power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy)


Furthermore, patience is another thing which is the key to control anger. But unfortunately, people of these days have lack of patience. They all have become short tempered. So we should understand the importance of patience and create this characteristic in ourselves.


I think above points are quite enough to control our anger to some extent and can easily bring changes in our lives and create peace and harmony around us.

Hina Akhter is a postgraduate student from Karachi, she loves to read and write on topics about life and motivation.

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