How To Find A Co-Working Space – My First Entrepreneurial Experiment

How To Find A Co-Working Space - My First Entrepreneurial Experiment

If you are going to start your training business then surely, you will need a working space, an office where you can sit and work, where people can come to meet you and can ask you about the details of the training work you are doing.

Now it always scares people when they are told that office is necessary to build a trust if you are new to your own working, but if you are an experienced person with an already established name then the office is not a need, then your trusted name will work. But in the start, you will need an office to work, and to build trust! People often think that office is a big investment which always worries them however this is not the case.

There is also a misconception that co-working spaces are limited in Karachi and seems like there are very few options.

Below are the tips I am giving you which I also used in my first training startup and so on to get an office in Karachi:

1. Search in your own circle:

If you will search in your own circle then you might find some of your friends or acquaintances which are working, either they are working with someone, or they have formed a startup, they will have an office space, reach out to them and tell them that you need a co-working space.

If they can give you a space for sitting and calling people for a meeting, then well and good. But you have to keep in mind that those guys whoever you are sitting with must be able to morally and physically support your work, or else it will be so hard to bear them. Another thing is that this will also cost you less than the traditional co-working space.

2. Search in the already established workplaces:

Some people don’t list their office as co-working space and sometimes they don’t even know what co-working space is. So if you find a place that will suit your requirement and then reach out to that person and give them an idea if they want to share their space for some monetary benefit, everyone needs some more cash in order to support their ideas and business.

You can also tell them that how many people will be estimated to visit this office after you will start work, and this will also benefit the business of that person whom space you have rented. This will surely convince them.

3. Go for co-working space:

traditional co-working spaces already established around the city which include the basement, the HQ, sandbox and etc. They have very fine rates as they are already established businesses, this will surely suit you if you don’t want any hassle of searching and doing your own office management.

4. Rent a space with friends:

Look for good places and then ask your friends who are also looking for office spaces, then divide all costs which mainly include office rent, renovation and subscription services like internet, newspaper, lunch and tea, or any office boy you are planning to hire to look after office management.

I hope this will help you if you are new to the business and your own working and are planning to open an office, remember, first things first, read this article to know what I have experienced in my first training business and what issues I had faced.

Written By Syed Owais Mukhtar

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  1. In my opinion a list of some affordable co-working spaces and their areas should also be shared.
    We do lack “trustworthy” spaces. Another thing I would like to point is that we need more co-working spaces as the ones that are really good, as per my research, were either far away from my place of residence or were not economical for starters.


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