How To Handle Your Rude Boss

How To Handle Your Rude Boss

Andrea Cunningham worked in the Apple when Steve Jobs was the boss. Steve was a very rude boss. He was an impatient person. He mostly got angry with his workers, he threw things upon them, criticized even their clothing and lot of stuff. He fired Andrea about five times. The first time he fired Andrea, he just called her in the conference room and said that I’m going to cut off contract with you, your work is terrible, I’m going to fire you. She got embarrassed. She said ok, you owe me $35000 dollars. Steve said I’m not paying you back because your work wasn’t worth it. She was taken aback and left the room. She called to his mentor for help. On her mentor’s advice she got back to Steve Jobs and told him that you know when I was here I get 30 to 40 calls a week from business press, I have developed some relationships with them, so I will tell the press about that. Steve wrote a check of $35,000 for her and surprisingly also hired her back.

Every rude boss has a different personality; you have to understand your boss.

Here are some ways to manage your bull.


First, you have to determine that he is really rude or not. Or he has a rude personality, or he becomes rude occasionally. His harsh behavior is only for you or there are other victims also. Only after determining the type of rudeness you can handle your boss well. Most bosses are not rude every time of the day or on every little fault.


Try to figure out the things which your boss values most. He wants the work to be done in a specific way, or it’s the time of deadline which he thinks important. He wants punctuality and discipline or likes frankness. You have to identify the reason which irritates your boss most. After determining the cause of harshness you have to eliminate that cause or you must have to avoid that thing to do.


Even rude bosses give value and appreciation to their best workers. Try to become your best, work hard, become most productive and also try to become the weakness of your boss. Your boss must rely on you and he must not afford losing you. Even the harshest bosses have soft corners for employees who give results and add value.



It’s the first law of 48 LAWS OF POWER written by Robert Greene. You must not try to become smarter than your boss; also you must not consider being more valuable than your boss. Don’t try to steal the show when you have a boss.


When any person behaves rudely to you, you want to reply on the same line. But you have to control your impulsive behavior with your boss. You must try to find something positive. People usually don’t become rude to a person of positive behavior.

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