How To Make Our Life Beautiful

How To Make Our Life Beautiful by Mahenoor

Life is a gift from Allah Subhanhu wa Ta’ala. Each person is an artist of their life. It’s up to us to either create a dull sketch or fill the painting with bold colors and strokes; enhancing the beauty of not only our canvas but surrounding ones as well.
A beautiful life is the one which is filled with love, peace, harmony and positive contributions.
Our lives nowadays are far away from these.
We live in love with worldly possessions, our souls are filled with hatred and anger for others and there’s near to zero positive impact we are creating.
To turn the wheels around and make our lives beautiful, here are some steps to start with.

1. Make Gratitude Your Best Friend.

Be grateful for what you have and what you once had. Stay away from criticizing everything that happens to you. Stop looking at the flaws and mishaps in your life. In times of despair, it is harder to see the blessings that you should be grateful for. Practice seeking and thinking at least three things each day you’re grateful for. Once you practice, you’ll see countless blessings that you had either been ignoring or taking for granted previously.
Just think about getting a fracture in a single finger. It seems like you can’t perform the daily chores without hassle. Your finger is a blessing. Be grateful for having it.
Don’t have money to buy luxuries? Be grateful you have been given enough to manage your necessities without asking others for.
There are countless small things to be grateful for each day. Be grateful and the blessings will multiply.

2. Give Love to Receive Love.

It’s easy to hate others. We love to hate others even on petty things.
Your colleague got the promotion you’ve been looking forward to; hatred stems.
Your classmate achieved higher grades; hatred stems.
We have forgotten what it feels like to be kind and loving.
Love has very vast meanings. Love involves caring for others, being kind to them, being generous, being humble.
Spread the love by being kind to others.
Smile often.
Help others without expecting anything in return.
The peace and the happiness you’ll get can’t be explained in words. It’s ‘sachi khushi’ we used to read about in books when younger. It’s time to practice what was once read and become a living example.

3. Become Life-Long Learner.

Learning doesn’t stop once you get a degree/ certification. There’s always room for learning new things and improving your old skills.
Try your hand at learning a new skill.
Wanted to paint? Give it a try.
Have always thought of designing beautiful graphics? Learn graphic designing skills.
Learning keeps our brain active and young.
Find joy in learning and you’ll enjoy each step. Succeeding is not always what learning is about; extracting the lessons is what learning is about.

4. Free Yourself By Forgiving

Stop holding grudges!
Those who did wrong will be answerable for it.
You don’t have to destroy your peace of mind by thinking and over thinking of what they have done.
Forgive and free yourself. When we hold grudges and don’t forgive, our minds get occupied with it. You’ll find yourself constantly thinking of all the bad things and wrongs that have been done to you. Learn to forgive others.
Mistakes are made by everyone. We, ourselves make hundreds of mistakes each day; and we expect to be forgiven.
So start forgiving others for yourself, your peace. Like for others, what you like for yourself.

5. B Positive Is Not Only A Blood Group.

Looking at the negative aspects will train your brain to only look at negatives around you. You’ll attract negative energies and give negative vibes. Sad, unhappy, complaining person is not liked by anyone.
Stay positive and spread positivity. There’s always something positive even in the darkest of times.
I know it’s hard, especially in the current scenario to see positivity and stay positive but believe me, once you get the hang of it, it will be as easy as breathing for you.
Life is simple. Don’t complicate it. Enjoy your life, beautify it and feel the abundance you will attract in your life. Fill your life and those of others, with colors of happiness, gratefulness and forgiveness. Achieve mountains of success with each passing moment.

Mahnoor Shahid is a gold medalist from Aptech and working as freelance web and software developer, she is passionate about creating and loves to write, she is also running a blog for ladies who are working and managing their homes.

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