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12 How To Manage Your Time Effectively - Asim

If you have asked this to a person just a century ago, he would probably laugh at you. Because they had no TV channels, no social media, no mobile phones, no laptops, so they had enough time at their hand to spend it at their will. We have the same time of 24 hours a day, but we actually waste more time than we think.


A new study by David Finkel, published on 1 March 2018, reveals that we actually waste almost 22 hours in a week of our working days. It includes spending time on social media or gossiping or similar kind of activity during work.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”, said Charles Darwin.


Modern human is ever busy and mostly busy in wasting precious time of his/her life in unproductive activities such as watching TV for an excess amount of time, gossiping, worrying, spending time in useless thoughts, social media, following celebrities, indulging in religious or political arguments and more. The biggest reason for this time wasting is the lack of ability to manage your time effectively.

Relax; here are some suggestions for your kind perusal. So, that you have more time to work, to enjoy and live a more fulfilling life. Beware; knowledge is not enough, its action which changes your life.


You are an employee, a CEO, or self-employed, you must decide what is more important to your life in present time, and you must spend more time in that activity. Generally, there are more priorities than one, such as work, family and enjoyment. You must distribute time among them, according to their importance and requirement.

we actually waste almost 22 hours in a week of our working days


Setting goals is a little bit different than deciding priorities. Actually, goal setting is exceptionally important in not only achieving them but also in saving time and time management. Goals are the targets you want to achieve; they give you a purpose to spend time for.


When you go to your bed at night, just make a to-do list for tomorrow. In the list, you have to write about the most important acts you have to perform, if possible, describe relevant time also. Keep that list in your pocket during the day and tick mark the task when you performed it.


You were not expecting that, but believe me, we waste much of the time because we are not attentive enough to concentrate on one task at a time. At the same time, we are working, worrying, cursing, thinking any other thing, and performing any other task in mind, planning vacation and more. Our mind is not good at multitasking. By not living in present moment, we can’t perform a task efficiently and can’t use our limited time effectively.


When you go to bed tonight, just realize that one more day of your life has gone. You must reflect what you have achieved today? Upon what you have spent most of your precious time? And how much time you spend on useless things?

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