How To Save Money And Increase Productivity


Money is mandatory for everyone especially nowadays where it’s value increasing day by day. Ask yourself, would you still get up every morning and do what you want to do for a living if money doesn’t exist? For most people in our modern world, money is the first thing that measures success in their life.

Money can buy power. The way people deal with money is changing with time. Everything needs management and money too. If you can’t manage it well you will be in loss. How you view the money in your life affects your lifestyle, what you will do with it and how to supervise, everything matters.

So the people are working hard for their needs with the use of money. People earn and expense but nowadays very less saving is done by people.

So here we will discuss few awesome tools about money management.  These are the few keys about managing money and tools which will help us to track our financial expenses: Save money, Track spending, Create budgets, Set financial goals, Earn cash or rewards. Few steps which will guide you for savings

1)    Record (check and balance), before saving, keep track of your expenses.

2)    Learn how to budget money and once you created a budget, stick to it.

3)    Budget once you have the idea about your expenditures in a month, you can organize your record.

4)    Now you have planned your budget, I will say put away 20-30% of your income in separate as savings. If you k you have a habit of spending so much then you have to cut off the extra expenses.

5)    Saving money begins with your mindset. The first thing comes in peoples might is to think about a budget as spending plans. Most people think saving money means to cut off everything. Saving money does not mean you have to quit spending. It’s mean you have to control unnecessary expenditures; you have to prioritize some financial goals. Spend money wisely. Don’t just spend less, try to avoid and reduce unnecessary expenses. First of all, start to plan without planning nothing is possible and plan to save money because of money matters.  Make sure you save. Make a saving plan. A savings plan can depend according to the people requirement. Your budget is very important for saving money. Stop spending fast. Try to avoid unnecessary purchases, which dries up money available for your actual purchase needs. Few tips which are very common and generally used by everyone but the lack of implementation.

6)    Understanding your spending.

7)    Do not spend money on any extra expenses.

8)    Adjust your spending habits.

9)    Don’t get sucked into the hype of sales created by shopping arena.

10)    Less spending in food. Avoid too much dining out; this is better for your health and wealth as well.

11)    Set short-term goals are anything you wanna do in the nearby future which can be today, this week, this month or this year. Short-term tasks includes for example as rent, insurance (save into cash deposits).

12)    As you cut your extra expenses you’ll have the startup for saving but with the passage of time you will increase more and try to invest it as well.

Usually, what I do I separate 50% of my money in a separate account and according to my need, I break that amount. Start to save because is a companion which will be going to benefit you. For the better future start to save money.

By Amna Batool

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  1. Nice one.. Management and discipline are the keys for success. Just the implement is required in which most of people lack.


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