Youth Issues – How To Search For Job Effectively

How To Search For Job Effectively

People searching for a job these days, they want that if they send a resume somewhere, they will instantly get a job. However the job market situation not such that, for effective job search you have to try various ways, tips and tricks in order to increase your chances of getting an interview and land a job.
In this blog, I am going to describe tips for job searching which will help you in getting a job.

Get help from the job search websites

In Pakistan there are many job searching websites however few of them are more effective. One of them is and other one is, however the rules of effective use of job search engine are somewhat similar:

1. Complete your personal profile 100 percent
2. Add all the relevant information and update it time to time
3. Be honest in all the information you have entered on the job portal
4. Have a professional and good profile picture
5. Check the portal every day and apply for jobs accordingly
6. Make connections on job portal

This is obvious that the more you apply, i.e. the more job applications you send, the more there will be chances of you getting an interview call and the chances of getting a job increase.

Use of for effective job search

Well, most of the people use LinkedIn in a non-effective manner, they try to make as many connections as they want and write “I am interested” on every job they see on their feed. However, this is a very ineffective and immature way of job search. More connections cannot guarantee you a job, but below tips can!

1. Use in a manner to make effective connections, by an effective connection I mean those connections which will help you in your job search for example recruiters, HR personnel, and the professionals who are related to your field of work, remove all other unwanted ones.
2. Complete your profile 100 %, don’t worry about details, write as much information as you can.
3. Be honest in whatever you’re right, write only what you can prove by document or by your skill
4. Upload a professional profile picture

Job search from newspaper

Job searching with the help of newspapers

Well, most of the youngsters these days think that newspapers are an obsolete way of job search. let me tell you honestly that newspapers will give you the latest information about a job opening. A company gives an advertisement in a newspaper when they are in dire need of hiring. And this is your chance to make a difference.
Read the newspapers, focus on the job advertisement page, try to circle every relevant job, and start applying.

Bonus tip, with most of the job advertisement there is few lines written about the job responsibility and job description, well this is what you can use in your resume if you have the relevant experience and qualification.

Personal references can be used in a job search

Personal reference is also a very effective way of job search, you must try to connect with as many professional as you can. The more you do relationship building with professionals the more they will remember you when a vacancy is announced at the workplace. Also, these days organisations also prefer employees who have a professional reference in their firm in order to ease the need background check.

Participating in job fairs

Many educational institutes, colleges, universities are organising job fairs these days. Well, there are two ways you can get benefit from the job fair. Number one, get involved in the management of those events in this way you will have the experience of event management, you can get a chance to contact and connect with organizations and professionals for inviting them in the event, this will help you in making more professional connections.
Number two, participate in those job fair as a candidate, as a job searcher. Usually, job fairs provide you with the opportunity for a face to face meeting which is far more better than you sending an unsolicited resume to an organisation.

I hope if you follow the tips mentioned above you can make your job search effective which will eventually increase your chances of getting an interview and getting selected for the job. Remember that consistency is required, follow this procedure for at least two to three months in order to start getting a better response to job applications.

Syed Owais Mukhtar, is an HSE professional, a trainer and a career guidance expert, owner of this website, writes on dawnnews website, and also runs a channel on YouTube on the same topic.

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