How To Seek Guidance Or Counselling


Whenever you are stuck somewhere,

or you have to start something new

the best thing to do it to seek guidance!

There are a lot of people who might be seeking guidance, and there are a lot more who are always ready to give guidance. But the issue is most people are unable to distinguish between who can guide and who can’t. We usually get mad at the person who guided us, but in fact, you are responsible for this action.

You are responsible for the mishap if you are seeking guidance from the one who is not eligible to advise, so today I will give you some tips which will help you whenever you are going to seek guidance.

Maturity; never seek advice from immature, no matter how successful they are. We often do mistake by seeking advice from newbies who luckily got successful, remember success is not an overnight journey, it will take years and years of hard work, find someone who has spent years before getting successful, he has more data to share with you and more experience and stories to tell you.

Secondly, that person must have some relevant experience in the field of work which you are going to seek advice for i.e. if you are going to start a new business you must seek guidance from that person who already has some hands-on experience in the field of business, who is experienced in startups and entrepreneurship. If you want to study something, seek advice from the person who has already studied that subject, or who is in the field of educational counselling. Similarly, for career guidance seek advice from someone who has studied human resources, who is in the field of professional career guidance and resource management.

Written by Syed Owais Mukhtar

Syed Owais Mukhtar, is a health and safety professional and trainer, he loves to write on the topic of self-help, productivity and motivation, he also runs a YouTube channel for the guidance of youth and health and safety videos.

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