How To Transform Your Anger Into Productivity


You certainly can’t manage your anger in the manner Jack Nicholson managed Adam Sandler’s in the movie Anger Management (2003). But you can use it in your favor by transforming it. We, including me, the hot-blooded people are under a consistent curse named anger. We easily flare up. We can’t keep our mind cool, even on a small incident, such as an unpleasant comment from any person, our adrenaline rushed. At that moment, we easily lose our mind and our body gets in the fight-or-flight response. Also, this emotion of wrath provides us immense energy at that time.

The question is can we transform this energy into something which can produce positive results? The answer is, why not? If Trump can become a resident of White House with Russian support, or Kim Jong-un can become ruler of North Korea with this haircut, why can’t we take the reins of our rage in our hands? We surely can, here are some ways.


At the time of fury, we have that energy and courage which we lack in normal circumstances. We can use that moment to make a courageous decision such as standing up to a bully, speaking up to a wrongdoer, working for 10 hours, earning a specific amount, becoming independent and more. Once, I got into a skirmish in a bank, I resolve in fury that I will never come here again, and it’s over 10 years now, I never went to that bank again. But we have to avoid the decisions.


No doubt, anger is a great motivation. When you get angry, you want to do something. You want to take revenge and “the best revenge is massive success”, said Frank Sinatra. So, take that revenge by using this formidable force, run that extra mile, shed extra weight, work double, prove yourself to people that they are not better than you, say no to live a mediocre life.


Anger provides you with that boldness or courage, which is necessarily required for facing your fears. Because in rage you generally forget about the consequences of your actions which always hold you back, that’s why in that situation you become able to do that thing which you are afraid of doing in usual conditions.


“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for ordinary”, stated Jim Rohn. Angry people are more likely to take the risk because, for a temporary amount of time, bad outcomes of risk-taking minimize in their mind. Remember, every opportunity worthwhile is about taking the risk. By playing save you can’t accomplish your dream goals.


Anger makes you more confident for a temporary period, you have to use anger for getting confidence and you also have to make that period pro-long.


Anger instigates you to take some kind of action. It’s a great activating emotion. It changes your posture; it prepares your body for execution. Because you have more energy during this emotion, so use it to perform action-oriented tasks.

Aasim Tasawar | Content Writer & Lawyer

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