How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Have you ever dream of something? It can be anything like you want to see the world something different or you want to become something, or you want something great to happen, and you dream of it. But do you ever think that those dreams can actually become reality? All you have to do is to practically do some step which will eventually make those dreams happen.

Write them down!

Well, right now where that dream of your exist? In your mind! Correct? Now when you right them down on a piece of paper, you will eventually bring them into reality in the form of writing on a piece of paper, this can be the first step toward the progress of your dream! I have tried this many time, and it works, when you write something or maintain a diary or maintain a things to do list, all such self-organization methods will encourage you to work towards realization of your dreams. By writing it down, you are transforming you dreams into tangible plans!

Picture them in your mind!

Visualize them like a cinema film going – try to think about all the details of those dreams, it would be difficult in the first go, but with more and more practice you will be able to visualize those dreams like they are actually happening around you. In they start they will be blurry and with discontinuities, then with the passage of time and practice you will be able to see all the details and nitty-gritty of it. But hey! Not only visualization is necessary, you must be practically doing something in this regard. This visualization will become a helping hand in achieving those goals.

Write a tagline and paste!

Paste it where you can see that at least ten times a day. The more you look at it the more your dream will be in front of you and it will eventually urge you to take some practical steps towards it. Maybe at times you will get used to it but after a period of time you will look at it in a more meaningful manner so that to remind yourself you’re real objective and what you are actually missing!

I once developed a poster with a big picture and a very fine motivating tagline written on it, pasted it inside my cupboard and used to see it many time a day intentionally and unintentionally! Years passed and a day finally came when I was invited in a university for a lecture and when I was walking toward the auditorium I saw many posters with my picture, name and quotes in the hallway. It was a wow feeling to actually see what you have dreams about years ago!

These are my thoughts on how you can take some practical steps in order to turn your dreams to reality. If you know some more tips, don’t forget to write in the comments box!

Syed Owais Mukhtar

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