Trusting oneself is really a challenging concept for women. Although women’s role changed rapidly in a favorable way in past years, still there are issues concerning their abilities. As such, there are still jobs that only require men’s forces. However, women don’t need to worry so much about these issues because they have already proven that they can become leaders, athletes, artists and many professions which were previously only male-related. What the women must do today amid the polluted environment not only the physical one but the digital world is RESPECT.


You often ask who am I, what is my purpose, what should I do in this world and many more; and still you tend to have a doubt with yourself. There so many books, motivational speakers, movies, songs and religious scriptures that often inspires you or you choose to be inspired by. But then again, on your hard times, you doubt. Doubting yourself means you don’t know your worth. When you don’t know your worth in the end you don’t know yourself. You will be lost. You will get drown in this world’s negativity. So, you must weigh yourself, for the moment yourself only. Think of what you can do, what you have that defines who you are. It is just putting a brand on yourself that you cannot forget.


You can call me a nonsense liar but my so-called self- statistics for the world today is that 90% is fond of taking care of their reputation and only 10% who makes good of their character. Making decisions based on the presumed outcome is what we always do. And, it is always good. However, the bases of your decisions come from the questions, what will the people say if I’ll do this, what will the people think of me if I choose this and will they see me as this and that. It is not healthy for your character, for your true self. Why not open the other door? Ask these questions instead, will I be happy if I do this, do I hurt someone if I do this and can I change someone’s life if I do that. Having a character that outstands do not pleases people to care and recognize you but it is you who are trying to be true and unconditionally care to the outside world.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.


Now that you have branded yourself and with this brand, you can actually be true not just on your own but also for the others. As being a woman, a counterpart of man, you will only gain respect if at the same time you respect them. Your nature of being SHE has something to do with HE. Thus, you are created because he was created. Then, you can say that you will be valued and understand if he as well.

Gaining respect from the outside world starts on having respect toward yourself. So, whatever the changes in this world as human is a dynamic being, just always remember the root principle of life, love one another.

By: CASHAREA CORR | 24 | Aspiring Writer | Poet | BS in Business Administration Graduate

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