Life’s Worth

Life's Worth

The way a person views life, the way a person lives life, and the way a person treats others goes a long way to tell of his/ her views of life and its worth. Here is a comprehensive list of different kinds of people and how they view life:


(1) The daredevil: they live life on the edge. It is their strong belief that if one has not done something extreme, he/she has not lived life to the fullest.


(2) Scared cats: These sets of individuals are quite the opposite of the daredevils. They are just too careful that even the simplest of tasks becomes difficult because they tend to over think and therefore amplify the risk. And the people that have been able to make something out of their life’s.


The bottom line is let’s try to strike a balance. We do not want to be too scared of taking the bold step needed for self-improvement and progress and at the same time we don’t want to be rash in our judgments, neither should we be impulsive.


It is said, “Life is about taking risks” because basically, we take business risks every single day, falling in love is a 50 50 chance of success but we do it.

But we must know our limits.

I conclude with these words of encouragement:


(1) Look before you leap

(2) Do not be scared to try new things, these are the things that make us human. But if your routine is basically food, shelter, clothing you need to be a little bit more adventurous.


Be true to yourself then you will know your life’s worth.

Timothy Basil

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