My First Entrepreneurial Experiment: Organizing a Training Event

A few years back, in the holy month of Ramadan when most of the people are busy by utilizing their time in resting and the corporate culture of Pakistan also help them by cutting office hours.

But there was this person who found this as a window of opportunity in order to utilize those extra hours which we got due to earlier closure of office into something practical, something he was thinking all his life, and that was starting of his own work, starting a business, to be own boss, to become an entrepreneur. That person was none other than me, the writer and owner of this blog.

I did something which was very hard for me to do, I wanted to start a training business and without any practical plan, I tried to give it a try.

The first thing I did is rented an office space, I thought that without a separate place to sit and work it would be impossible to gain the trust of your client, and it is the culture of the city I am living in also, when you try to approach people for business all they ask you is about your office in order to trust you, because they think that if you have an office you would not run away with their money.

The second thing I did was that I announced a training session related to my field of expertise and started to do marketing for it, I go for the digital marketing and amazingly I started to get calls asking question when the training was planned, about 60 people were there who filled the online query form, and are interested to ask for my workshop which was happening after only about 20 days.

Meanwhile simultaneously I was also completing other tasks related to event management, like booking of venue, doing SMS marketing, creating online forms, Facebook events, designing posters, etc.

I started to chase every person who showed interest in my event I tried to call them to convince them to explain them the benefits of attending that training, but amazingly many people begin to back off, but I didn’t lose hope, I kept on marketing keep on calling them one by one and keep on convincing them.

The day of the event was coming near every single day, and my list of confirming participants was also increasing day by day and by the day of training my list of 11 participants was finalized. So 11 people will be attending my training session and paying for it.

The training session went well; people who attended learnt a lot, they gave very good feedback about the venue, about the trainer and about the content of the training. However, I was very tired because I conducted a full day workshop while fasting. But above all the feeling of success for my first independent event was awesome.

But after the training session, I look closely into the work I have done and found some things which must not be repeated in the future event and work,

1. Make A Team

I didn’t make a team! which was the biggest mistake because when you are doing an entrepreneurial experience experiment, the team act like a support not only financially during the investment but also will provide you moral support, also when you have a team more than two or three members there will be more people doing efforts in contacting the clients and the success rate will be much higher than your expectations.

2. Trainer calling clients was weird?

I was calling the clients myself which also seems weird because when people ask me who is the trainer and what are his qualifications all I was doing it was bragging about myself, which doesn’t seem right. In the training profession, it is good if the trainer himself to not call people to attend his own event, this is my experience and my observation you have the right to disagree if you have a better option comment below.

3. Wrong co-working guys!

The office a rented was a co-working space, the coworkers or not any strangers but my own friend, but sadly they are not the friends which would support me in my work, so every day when people came and try to register for the workshop by paying training fees, these friends keep on noticing what is going on and after the return of client they start joking around congratulation me for having another client and asking for treats. Which is extremely embarrassing for a person like me who has just started his work, and this caused me to hide any further clients and payment, and also I didn’t work with them anymore after that single month.

Also as it was a co-working space, there was zero privacy, when I tried to call my client I feel a little uncomfortable because I am an introvert and we usually feel uncomfortable talking on the phone in front of others. This is another tip, choose an office wisely, if it’s a co-working space then it would be better than people are those who will help you in your own working.

This was the story of my first entrepreneurial experiment and what are the mistakes I made, I hope this will help you if you are going to start your own work, especially if you are a training professional and you are going to organize your own training sessions and independent events. These are the very few points which I remembered by now and I will be sharing some more points in future.

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Written By Syed Owais Mukhtar

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