My Life’s Worth

My Life's Worth
Many a time, heart breaks, despondency, depression, and helplessness makes life seem alterly useless and worthless.
But really what is your life’s worth?
The truth is even the finest of gold was found in the darkest of places!
And the purest of earth’s waters are found in the recesses of crags and springs.
It is said that the more a mountain goat looks at the eagle the higher the tendency of him reaching the ground
Your best is yet to come. And if you feel that at your age you are supposed to be someone or something.
My friend you are really worth more.
You are that undiscovered gold. Raw pure with a concentration of minerals second to none.
So hone your skills
Build yourself
Improve your personality
Meet people
The day is here, and it is close, your discovery is at hand.
Then you will see your life’s worth.
Comparison kills,
Go at your own pace.
You have a talent that no one else has,
Your gift is priceless
Your life’s worth is yet to be acknowledged. But it will.
Your life’s worth is yet to be known because the world isn’t ready for the magnitude
Of what you have to offer
But before others start to value you, you have to value yourself.
Live, Love, laugh, try new things
Be happy because your are worth more than gold and more precious than anything in this world!
By Timothy Basil

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