Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is impossible, whenever I hear this sentence; a sarcastic smile appears on my face, because for a very long time I didn’t believed this as true. I think about all the impossible tasks and funny phrases people use to say against such quotes. But beyond all those funny quotes and sarcasm, I found out that yes, this is true! Nothing is impossible. Our mind is the biggest weapon using which we can achieve our impossible goals.

Have you heard of that person who covered the Mount Everest after he was affected with stroke on the first try, he took time to recover and then tried again and this time he reached the highest peak! This even seem impossible for a healthy human being rather than a person affected with stroke. But he did it! A person who got the same mind and body what we got!

Have you heard of the person who lost his best arm in the war when he was going to fight in the Olympics to gain the highest medal in the shooting competition? He was short of time, his best arm was gone, he started practicing with his other arm, and gain the similar expertise. Indeed, the mind is the best weapon!

Have you heard of JK Rowling, who wrote books after books and failed to publish anyone of them, then one day it happened and she is a rock star now.

Don’t go too far, look around, you will see many people, among your friends, family, and relatives, we never knew the struggle because we take them for granted. Go out to them and ask about how they achieved the place where they are now. Have you ever asked your parents about their struggle? How its seems hard to raise a child like you in the beginning, but later with their constant struggle and tried they make you the great human being that you are now.

I know a person who started his job being an electrician getting as low as 10,000 Rupees per month, and later a day came when he reached the post of the manager getting more than 2 hundred thousands, with all the company provided facilities and luxuries. They are not far, they are around us. You want to get motivated, go out, reach them.

I know a person who find motivational stores on the road, malls and around himself, amazingly, everywhere he go he makes it possible to discover an amazing motivational story from any simple and common person around him, remember, you just have to communicate with them to find out that perfect story!

The benefit we can take from those stories, “if they can do it why can’t we” after all they have the same mind, same set of physical features, like we have, so it is legit to as: if they can do it, why can’t we?

Remember, nothing is impossible. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Believe me!

Syed Owais Mukhtar

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