Speak, Don’t Expect!

Speak, don't expect!

During a conversation, you might have come across expressions like:

I thought you were supposed to work on combining the project.

I left because you did not call me to wait there for you.

I had prepared the meal so you should have done the dishes.

I assume you have packed the luggage for me.

All such statements seem to involve certain expectations on the speaker’s end. Now, what if such expectations are not brought into reality? Most probably this would lead to certain conflicts among people. Therefore, looking forward to getting things done without discussing them may lead to disappointments that would result in arousing grudges among relationships.

We see people who are reluctant to speak up for themselves wait for others to do things for them without asking them for once and if their expectations are not met, they end up cursing their fate that they do not get the same opportunities as others and thus build an image of their inability as well as insincerity of others.

Therefore, the key to avoiding disappointments is to speak in order to clarify things rather than keeping certain perceptions in mind. It does not take much to talk about something! If this becomes one’s habit, one would less tend to develop negative thoughts about others as well as himself and thus one would have better chances to gain success in life.

By Muntaha Fatima

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