Book Review – Start With Why by Simon Sinek

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Today I ended up reading the book, “Start With Why” written by Simon Sinek. The most inspiring, revolutionary, motivating, and amazing book I have ever had. I can guarantee this book can make you go father and beyond, I can assure this book can make you do things which other books were not able to do.


In this book, Simon describes how he discovered the theory of knowing your “WHY” and how it is directly related to your successful business, idea or movement.


He has discussed in detail the case studies of the success of iPhone and Southwest airlines, the successful business strategy of Microsoft, how the founders knew WHY they are doing WHAT they are doing, and just by knowing this they made huge success. He also discussed the success of the movement led by Martin Luther King.


He also discussed how successful companies faced great downfall when they forget their purpose of the foundation when they forget WHY they were founded. In this chapter, he discussed comprehensively the example of Walmart, how there was a time when there isn’t any competitor of Walmart in all over the world and later how Walmart faced downfall and lawsuits when they forget about their WHY.


The book discusses in detail about “The Golden Circle”, a theory which Simon Sinek practice and shared with many professionals, friends, entrepreneurs, and businessmen, for a long time before finally penned down the concept and giving it a name of a book.


The golden circle is basically the discussion of the importance of “why, how, and what”, why we do what we do and how knowing this is related to our success, how we are doing what we are doing, and what we are doing. Confusing? Isn’t it? Well, this book will clear everything 🙂


Also, you might be a little confused just by reading this blog, if and only if, you don’t know yet about this book, which is obviously very difficult because this is a bestselling book and most of the people nowadays know about this book, as Simon also have various videos describing this book uploaded on the internet.


Just by reading this book I came to know many things which I was doing in my life and I don’t know why I was doing all that stuff, and then I knew the reason why I am not successful in that.


This book will definitely open your mind, urge you to think differently about your life, will motivate you to do an audit of your life and whatever you are doing, to motivate you to ponder and to think about.

And once you will be able to think out of the box the change is not far.

If you want to buy this work, click here. Its only $11.99


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