The Key Moments The Key Moments

Writer – Timothy Basil — The smallest of things are really what makes life wonderful. The simplest of choices grow into a complicated outcome. It is said a tiny drop of rain can cause a ripple in a mighty ocean.   The key moments what are they? These are days of joy and rejoicing A…

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The Secrets Of Happiness The Secrets Of Happiness

When someone asks, “How was your day?”. Our initial reaction is, “Fine”. Although we are in deep problems our response is always “Fine”. Have you ever wondered why? Well here is why: Humans were designed to derive joy from life.  We were hot-wired to appreciate life. That is why we tend to appreciate nature! We…

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How To Make Our Life Beautiful by Mahenoor How To Make Our Life Beautiful by Mahenoor

Life is a gift from Allah Subhanhu wa Ta’ala. Each person is an artist of their life. It’s up to us to either create a dull sketch or fill the painting with bold colors and strokes; enhancing the beauty of not only our canvas but surrounding ones as well. A beautiful life is the one…

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