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#InSearchOfPositive Just like the light at the end of every tunnel, like a sunrise after every sunset, like a flower found in the mud, like a cool breeze on a hot day, I found this building in the underdeveloped area of Kemari, Karachi. When you come from Jinnah Bridge towards the East Wharf which is…

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#InSearchOfPositive Travelling is awesome, you see new places, you meet new people, and you experience new things! Perhaps this is the best treatment to treat all your physical and mental issues. I started travelling few years back, before that I was stuck in the same place physically as well as mentally, I was afraid of…

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The Origin of Khausay The Origin of Khausay

I am sure that most of you have tasted the tangy and crispy ‘khausay’ if you are a Karachiite, as it is associated with Memon cuisines. But, wait ‘khausay’ having the name Burmese Khausay has its origin linked with #Burma. Wonder why and how is there a connection between a Burmese food and Memon cuisines?…

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