Take Chances, Get Rejection, Get Strong!

Have you ever face rejection? Whenever I ask this question in a workshop or a training session I got only one reply which is “yes”. We all have been rejected at some point of our life, whether it is in a job, or in a relationship, or anything else, we face rejection more than anything else in this world. However very few of us take it as positive, most of the time people think that rejection is the negative thing and must be avoided however this is not the fact. Today we will discuss the three benefits of rejection:

1. Rejection makes you strong, take a look back in your life and closely monitor the rejection you have faced, you will see that any rejection that happens in a past is not repeated in future, or if it has then the intensity is much lower than the previous one. This is because, with every rejection, we got the strength to face the rejection of a much bigger intensity. It is like a stair, in which we keep on moving forward step by step, each rejection is a step which moves you towards the next step.

2. The more you are rejected the better you will get, Jia Jiang is the writer of the book, “Rejection Proof” in his book he writes that “rejection is a number game”, the more you will practice rejection the more there will be a chance of getting a “yes”. Just imagine if you have taken only one chance, you will get yes only if you are lucky. But if you want to increase chances of getting a Yes, then you have to take as many tries as you can. This is the simple law of probability, the more the instances the more will be the chance of getting a yes.

3. Never avoid rejection, the moment you deny to face a task just by the fear of getting rejected is the moment you reject your own self. See, if you are taking a chance, and try something new, there is always a chance of rejection, there is always a probability of getting a yes or a no, however, if you avoid rejection this means, you lost the chance of getting a yes and accepted a NO for yourself.

This is why most of the management trainers tell us that rejection is a positive thing, it helps you in fighting your fear, getting a rejection means that you are trying something new that you are taking chances, which is the first step towards an ultimate success.

By Syed Owais Mukhtar

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