Ten Points That Make My Life Happy

Ten Points That Makes My Life Happy

Everyone lives for his or her own life. But I think living life for others is the biggest aim of anyone’s life.


According to me:

  1. The thing which makes me happy is to live my life for others, to eliminate their problems which are in my own hands. I am not saying about those situations which are not in my approach.
  2. To remind about my childhood is really heart touching. It gives me immense pleasure which can’t be described in words.
  3. When I hear good words and appreciation for my country Pakistan, I feel proud to be Pakistani and feel an immense pleasure. In fact, good words incite a positive feeling, which eventually makes you happy.
  4. To work for homeless children, for their betterment, to provide them shelter really gives me happiness. I am not able to do efforts for all the homeless children of my country but I am quite capable to afford expenses of at least one child of my country. Remember what they say, something is better than nothing 🙂
  5. The materialism has made older people’s life typical. Their own children do not take care of their parents. I want to do something for their betterment as well. It is really a nerve wrecking point for me which brings tears to my eyes. So I want to work for them as it will be a great source of happiness for me. Youngsters around the world, volunteer their time for old houses and hospitals so that they can spend time with old people, it really gives them happy vibes.
  6. I like peace around me. I want that everyone around me lives with brotherhood and unity. So that I and every people around me live with happiness.
  7. To help an animal or a bird who is injured gives me lot of happiness. Our Holy Prophet ( peace be upon Him ) had said to take care of tongueless creatures of the earth to please ALLAH and by pleasing ALLAH has a chance to please himself or herself.
  8. Poverty had made people’s lives typical. I want to eliminate poverty from my surrounding at least to make myself happy and contented.
  9. I want new generation must know the worth of knowledge. It will be a great source of joy for me if each and every person tries to provoke himself or herself to understand the importance of education and try to educate themselves as much as they can. In short, read a
  10. I want to make this world an Eden by doing small deeds of kindness and happiness because it gives me relaxation of mind and heart’s happiness.

Hina Akhter, is a postgraduate student from Karachi, she loves to read and write on topics about life and motivation.

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  1. Happy life is more important than other life, in worse life there is no hope to live more so we always thankfull to Allah that Allah gave us life with lots of blessing.


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