The Key Moments

The Key Moments

Writer – Timothy Basil

The smallest of things are really what makes life wonderful.

The simplest of choices grow into a complicated outcome.

It is said a tiny drop of rain can cause a ripple in a mighty ocean.


The key moments what are they?

These are days of joy and rejoicing

A day of bliss and wonder

But what makes it unique is when these moments are shared with those you love


A day of birth

A graduation day

A house opening day

A wedding day

An anniversary day

A coronation day


Any day that is packed with joy is a key moment. Rejoice with those who rejoice,

is what the Holy book admonishes.


Be happy, be free

We are humans jealousy creeps in

But let it be a positive one that will spore you to greater heights and not pull you to the recesses of darkness.


Let every moment count because we only get a handful of these key moments.


So discover your key moments and endeavor to shear this key moment with those you love.

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