The Origin of Khausay

The Origin of Khausay

I am sure that most of you have tasted the tangy and crispy ‘khausay’ if you are a Karachiite, as it is associated with Memon cuisines. But, wait ‘khausay’ having the name Burmese Khausay has its origin linked with #Burma.

Wonder why and how is there a connection between a Burmese food and Memon cuisines? Have you seen Rangoonwala Hall located at the edge of Dhoraji? Ring any bells?

Here is the story that I was told by a friend. There was a large number of Muslims from Memon community settled in Burma until the 80’s with their business established. In 70’s or 80’s during a political/ethnic unrest majority of the businessman relocated to Pakistan and settled here. This is how ‘khausay’ landed in Pakistan. P.S: Those who have not tried this meaty, crispy, spicy food yet must go for it. And yes, I count it as a healthy food only if it is made up with real organic ingredients.

By Mudassir A Khan


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