There Will Be Light


Just like the light at the end of every tunnel, like a sunrise after every sunset, like a flower found in the mud, like a cool breeze on a hot day, I found this building in the underdeveloped area of Kemari, Karachi. When you come from Jinnah Bridge towards the East Wharf which is also called Kemari, you can see a lot of small houses, the houses which were inititally built with bamboo sticks and cloth, but after 70 years of independence they have improved to become mud houses, but still it is an underdeveloped area, the area start with tall sky scrapers and venues like Port Grand, Karachi, followed by under developed area, and then come the boring port buildings, buildings which might have formed in the early years, with a lot of dust on them showing their age, its sort of a boring area.

There are people who think that buildings in the industrial area must be sober and then there are the crazy ones who break the rules and do something different in order to bring life to lifeless stones. Just like a simple building which was turned into a master piece. See below

I don’t know who made this, who designed this, what is the purpose of this building. But I know one thing, when I saw this building I was stunned for a few minutes, this building stuck to my mind. But I was in my office vehicle and was going towards the client and it was important, I missed the beauty, but as soon as I was free from my work I came back and took a picture to share the positivism with the world.

Standing there, I watched it for a few minutes, took this picture, with a famous quote in my mind, “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” 😉

Syed Owais Mukhtar

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