Tips On How To Become A Successful Student

Tips On How To Become A Successful Student

“Life is a learning process, learning is a life-long process; you can’t separate them.” – Vivienne Forrester

We love it or not we are life-long learners. Life is a teacher, scattered with expected and some unexpected exams; and we as students have to take them.

Students go through multiple tests and exams throughout their ‘student life’.

Exam season is the time when you’ll find sleep- deprived, tension thrived students, juggling their notes, memorizing the facts, reviewing their course, suffering from anxiety, hoping and praying to get good grades.

Only a few lucky souls are found stress free (or managing their stress), keeping their nerves calm and passing with flying colors and new records.

Don’t lose hope; you can be one of the lucky souls!

Below are some of the tips that can transform you into a successful student if you implement them seriously.

1. Get Organized

It’s the best to start the academic year with a clean slate and your space organized. An organized space calms your brain and helps you in focusing. Find a study spot; be it a room or simply a corner in a room. Make sure it’s well-lit and away from distractions. Keep your gadgets away when you’re there. (You’re allowed to sneak on them during study breaks.)

Color-code your subjects and keep relevant papers regarding each subject in one single place. Always keep the necessary stationery items in your study spot so you don’t waste your precious time looking for a pen!

2. Time Track Yourself

Time management is the most important aspect in every phase of life. Learn to manage your time well. Make a timetable for yourself allotting enough time for daily chores, sleeping and relaxing. Avoid socializing much during exams. All social media apps will still be there when exams are over but your precious time to prepare won’t come back. Make the most of this time.

Set a realistic goal for you to accomplish in a given time. Something like you’ll completely review two units in one hour. Then stick to it. Remember to schedule shorter breaks to relax and allow your brain to better manage what you stuffed in it.

3. Confusions Are For Clearance

Have some confusion regarding a topic?

Better skip it and get ahead.

WRONG! Avoid this trap.

Get your confusions cleared up even if you have to ask your teacher a thousand times over. Get help from your classmates. Everyone presumes a topic differently; you don’t know who’s way will click with you. So never hesitate and clear your confusion as soon as possible before it gives rise to many others.

3. Ratta Is Scam

Can’t understand the facts and reasons?

Better rote-learn it so you can pass the test.

This is NOT the way for a successful student. Understand and then learn. It will not only help you later in life but even if the examiner decides to cross judge you on a topic you’ll be able to answer it because you have understood it.

So avoid rote-memorization, commonly termed as ‘ratta fication’.

4. Exam Anxiety Is Real

Even successful students suffer from it. I was one of those students who would be highly anxious during the exam season; no matter how much prepared I was. The best I did was to manage that anxiety well. There are multiple ways which help you calm down your nerves like deep breathing, intentional positive self-talk and eating healthy.

Take care of yourself. Prepare well and do your best. Leave the rest on Almighty. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll emerge as a better student as the time progresses. Good luck with your exams!


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