Tips To Become More Optimistic


You can ask the question that why, why I’m writing and you are reading about becoming optimistic, is it that important after it’s becoming a cliché?

William James, my sweet William James gave the answer more than a century ago, “Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power”.

Optimism is as crucial for your day to day life as it is for achieving specific goals. Being optimistic means being hopeful of a positive result. It means to see the glass half-full not half-empty. Opposite of optimism is pessimism, which certainly is the feeling of defeat, disappointment even before the outcome of your endeavor materialized.

Becoming optimistic is not only good for your mental health, it’s also beneficial for your physical well-being, for instance, a recent study published in BMJ Open in March 2018, done by the experts of University of Illinois said that optimism improves your heart health.

But you may ask how to become optimistic dude, in this world of worries and problems. Relax, sit back, here are my time-tested and most favorite tips.


There are more tips mentioned below, but if you ask me which one is the most effective or you’re a kind of little lazy and want to pursue only one suggestion, then my answer is that gratitude journaling is the best tip you can get for becoming optimistic. What you have to do is getting a copy and pencil and just when you are going to bed at night, you have to write and feel gratitude for anything which you have got during the day, for instance, your friend offered you a cup of coffee or you made a thousand dollars or for any activity, for instance you enjoyed the swimming with your friends or family. It must be anything or activity, for which you feel grateful for. You have to write all those things and feel gratitude for daily at night. After some days, you will feel the difference.


In 2002, a University of Bristol’s expert Nabil Khattab done a study and find that students with higher expectations get more grades than students with low expectations. You must intentionally set your expectations positive. Initially, it would not be easy, but with daily practice, it will become your habit.



Social proof is not beneficial only in persuasion; it’s also helpful in becoming optimistic. It makes you believe that other people were also in the same mess, before getting rid of it. It fills you with energy and hope. Just read about the success stories of Robert Greene, Tony Robbins, Opera Winfrey, Shoaib Akhter and more.


Getting little success fills you with energy and gives you faith that you can achieve your goal. If you want to earn a million dollars, earning $5 is a small success.


It’s a timeless truth that how much doors are closed on you, there is one door which is always open, make a search for that door, for that opportunity and focus on solution not problem.

In the end, I’m leaving you with these thoughts of that celebrated deaf-blind writer of “Three days to see”, Helen Keller, that “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement”

Article by Aasim Tasawar

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