Top Ten Qualities Required To Become A Leader

Top Ten Qualities To Required Become A Leader by Asim

When Moses save Israelites from cruel Pharaoh, wasn’t it a great feat of leadership? Or when Alexander of Macedonia conquered half of the known world, or when Mehmed the Conqueror, took Constantinople at the age of only 21 years, or when Genghis Khan united the nomadic Mongol tribes and made them a formidable barbarian force, or when Nelsen Mandela spend 27 years in jail for the liberation of black South Africans, or more recently when Steve Jobs made Apple most successful tech company in the world, aren’t these the most heroic and most extreme instances of leadership? Certainly, these are.

A very important question about leadership is that it’s an inborn trait or it’s a skill which can be acquired. Experts of the University of Illinois found in a study that 30% of leadership is genetic but 70% of it can be learned. These are the top 10 much-needed qualities to become a leader.

1. Communication Skill

Have you heard the old wisdom, “who speaks well, he leads well”? If not you can look at Barack Obama or read about Abraham Lincoln. It’s not just words that demand value but non-verbal communication is also important. You have to communicate clearly and frequently with other people, so they can follow you.

2. Courage:

Churchill once said, “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others”. Without courage, no one can become a leader. Courage to speak up, the courage to stand up, the courage to understand and respect the limitations of followers, the courage to fight. When a person knows the consequences and dangers of the task he is going to perform and he still does it obviously by calculating risk, this is the real definition of courage.

3. Man of crisis:

You can only know that a person is a leader or not only in hard times. You must be a man of crises in order to become a leader such as Abraham Lincoln, who became the greatest president of America, just because of fighting the civil war successfully. A real leader keeps his mind cool and active during the time of crisis and when he is under pressure, this is the real test of leadership which life takes by every leader.

4. Inspiration:

A leader must inspire followers or other people. He is a politician, CEO of a company or a General; his followers must idealize him and look towards him in crises. His charisma makes the people look towards him and follow him.

5. Honesty:

Mostly honesty is not regarded as the requirement of a leader. But only an honest person commands true respect from his followers. You must be honest toward your followers and toward your goal.

6. Problem solver:

The only true difference between leaders and followers is that leaders can do what followers can’t. It means they are solution oriented; they can solve a problem, that’s why they are leaders.

7. Decision-making power:

Deciding wrong is better than deciding nothing. You must have the quality to decide correctly, promptly, and timely. Decision making is that quality which the followers usually don’t have this is the reason they look towards the leader, so a leader must prepare himself to take decisions, correctly and timely.

8. Influence:

Influence means the ability of a person to change the way the other thinks or does. Influence of a leader makes his followers to produce those results, which they themselves think, are not capable to produce.

9. Confident:

Actually, confidence is the key ingredient in every human accomplishment. You must have the confidence that it’s perfectly comfortable that people would follow you. Confident people are more powerful, and power is the basic ingredient of leadership.

10. Positive thinker:

“A leader is a dealer in hope”, said Napoleon Bonaparte. To become a leader you must search for the solution in any crises. A leader gives hope and not disappoints his followers.


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