Travelling Is Awesome


Travelling is awesome, you see new places, you meet new people, and you experience new things! Perhaps this is the best treatment to treat all your physical and mental issues.

I started travelling few years back, before that I was stuck in the same place physically as well as mentally, I was afraid of going to new places and meeting new people.

The best thing near me was my own room, my bed and book, I nearly hated people and try my best to avoid it, in office I took the far corner as my seat and with a big computer monitor in front of my face to hide myself. But things don’t go as you desire and like, and sometimes nature put you into situations for your own growth. And it happened!

My job role change and I started giving lectures and training. Every now and then I had to confront people for various matters. I was trying to adjust in it but there was another plan waiting for me.

It gets tougher with every new job. The third job I joined was related to trucks, transport and logistics. This job pushed me out of my comfort zone and I got the chance to travel many places.

In the start I was resisting so much that I refused few travelling opportunities, but later I had to do it somehow and it was awesome 🙂 I find ways to enjoy my experience.

But I don’t forget to take out some time to see that place wherever I was sent from office. Travel that city a bit; try to search famous and historic places related to that city.

People are awesome, their stories are cool, I overcome the fear of talking to strangers, I literally started enjoying communicating with people, talking with them, listening to their stories, smiling and laughing with them.

Travelling had been such a blessing for me and it helped me in my search of positivity 🙂




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