What Are SMART Objectives

What are SMART objectives

SMART goals and objectives are required in most of the management system, ISO standards, and also considered as a good professional practice, learn about it and practice it in order to make your objectives SMART.

You might have heard about the SMART objectives. Yes, it is true that your objectives must be smart in order so that you can calculate them, track them, and finally achieve them. Today we will discuss what SMART objectives are.

SMART is basically an abbreviation of specific, measurable, attainable relevant and time-bound.

First of all, will discuss being “specific”. The objectives you must set must be specific which means that when you have to describe anyone about those objectives the other person understand it easily like you have understood it. In other words, pinpoint what specifically you want. Crystal clear! It must be clear enough to describe what you really want, where it is actually and how you are going to achieve that, there must be no vague wording in your objective statement.

The second thing is “measurable” when you formulate an objective; you have to check your progress time to time in order to know how much you have achieved your target. For Example “I will improve my performance” is not a measurable goal, but “I will improve my sales by 200%” is measurable. Therefore always keep in mind while setting your goals to keep it measurable so that during the timespan you can track how much work you have done, and then plan your work accordingly.

The third thing is “attainable”; we love to say “shoot for the moon”, however in actual this is a bit difficult target to achieve. So your target must be achievable, if you are doing 1000 sales in a month, setting a goal for one million sales in a month are definitely not attainable.

The fourth one is “relevancy”, your goals and objective must be relevant to yourself and your organization, and you must always be able to answer why you want to achieve them, setting a WHY in your mind is necessary. Ask yourself do I have to do this, does it seem ok, is it the right time to do this, can I explain clients my intention and convince them. If you can answer them all, then you can make them relevant!

And finally, the objectives must be time-bound, there must be a deadline before that you have to complete your target, the deadline is necessary to complete your goal in time and to keep them SMART.

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