What Is A Family

What Is Family

Families are and will continue to the bedrock of any society.

The family either helps instil in its members’ the qualities needed to be an active and a positive member of the society.

A family can also promote all the vices found in the society by instilling in its member the notion that their action in no way affects the society.


A family does not necessarily need all its members to be related by blood.

Although, that is quite true in the Nigerian community.

A family should be those that have imparted in one way or the other in one’s life.


So a group of friends can make up one’s family

Blood relatives can make up one’s family

A wife or husband becomes one’s family until children come along

A community can be one’s family

And those you shear the same religious belief with automatically becomes your family

So when the word family comes to mind

Don’t narrow it down to just blood

It has a far wider reach.


 So with this espousal, you might just find out you have multiple families that are all waiting to be acknowledged.

By Timothy Basil

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