What Is The Meaning Of Success

What Is The Meaning Of Success

What is the meaning of success
Success, a word which contains a vast meaning in itself, which revolves around anyone’s life. It provides dimension to life. It gives strength to a person. It makes a person capable of doing much better, more struggling and more ambitious. According to me, success means :

To get the desired goal, motto or ambition. For this, a person must have strong desire or esteem as well as his willpower. This will power makes a person energetic and makes his mind that he is capable to achieve whatever he wants in his life.

To get a dimension of life. Without any dimension, life is useless. I think this dimension leads a person towards the path of glory and prosperity. This dimension tells a person that he has a target and he has to achieve that target by perseverance.

To get fame and fortune and the utmost thing, to get a good name in the society as people of this era are addicted to the limelight and expect praise from others.

To get a worth living life. A life which has peace of mind and heart. A failure does not have respectful life in a society like we have. I think failure is not a failure at all. It teaches a person a good lesson to be more struggling and to prove himself as a successor.

To get an honest living. Almighty Allah has sent all of us with an objective. We are not sent by Him aimlessly. So one should be honest to his life and to spend his life in a positive way. This positive way of spending life leads a person towards the success of this world as well as the world hereafter.

To polish anyone’s personality. Success strengthens a person. Give the courage to work more hard to get his final destination. This polished personality, later on, becomes an eminent person of our society with fame and name.

To flourish his country by struggling hard with constancy. Hard work must give prominent results in the form of success.

To help in progress and prosperity of society and the surrounding people. Success is not a thing to achieve but it motivates a person to work more hard to get much bigger goals.

To make a person humble and to make him more obedient to the Almighty Allah. As in my opinion success does not mean to feel oneself prideful. Gratitude fulness is liked by Allah so one should have gratitude fullness which leads to humble nature.

To make positivity all around as success always been a cause of positivity and positive behaviour of people as compared to the failure.

Hina Akhter is a postgraduate student from Karachi, she loves to read and write on topics about life and motivation.

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