What Makes Our Life Perfect


Saying goes: “Practice makes a man perfect.”

On the other hand we have another saying that says “No one’s perfect.”

The above two quotations are seemingly contradicting.

Not only these, but you’ll find numerous other quotes that contradict the achievement of perfectionism.

According to some schools of thought perfectionism can be achieved. For others it’s unachievable.

For me though, perfectionism level varies from person to person ad situation to situation.

What seems perfect for some-one may not necessarily be good enough for you. And same is true vice versa.

The question that arises here is how can one be perfect or make one’s life perfect?

If we look closely at the definition of the word ‘perfect’, it means something without fault or as good as possible.

Now our life in dunya can-not be without fault or without any short comes. The ultimate perfect life that is the one without any short comes or faults could be the one in aakhirah, depending on our doings in this world.

In dunya we could only achieve the perfectionism that means as good as possible. Now, this utmost goodness also differs from person to person and situation to situation.

General formula for achieving the perfect life is doing your best and making dua’a.

How can we do our best and lead a perfect life?  Let’s follow some principles that are listed below.

  1. Have Sincere Intentions

Make your intentions as pure as water. Be crystal clear. Know the whys of everything. Purify your soul. We know that every act of ours is judged. Instead of doing something that will increase your rank and respect in the eyes of people, do things with the intention of attaining respect and rank in front of Allah. This will ultimately raise your rank and respect in the eyes of people and you will be blessed in dunya and aakhirah on behalf of your intentions. Blessings make life perfect. Attain this perfectionism.

  1. Do Good Without Expecting Anything

It’s time to beat prejudices. It’s time to give and grow. Grown-ups don’t expect anything from a kid after giving them sweets and toffees. Grow up! Do good for people around you and for generations to come. Do it as a sadaqah. Help needy. Bring smile on the faces that have been worn out with this life’s test. Give hope to someone. Invest in someone’s future. Do all this without expecting anything in return. Do all this for Allah’s happiness. Purify your intentions and do as much as you can. You will soon be amazed by the miraculous changes in your life.

  1. Purify Your Thoughts

“A man is what he thinks.”

Our thoughts play powerful role in grooming and establishing our personalities. Our acts are dependent on our thoughts in a very similar way as our acts are affected by our company. Make your thoughts pure. Work on getting rid of jealousy and envy. These lead to negative thoughts and will harm your peace of mind.

Once you have pure thoughts, your actions will become purer. The peace of mind and calm that comes with purification of thoughts has certain positive effects on all aspects of our life; be it physical, mental or spiritual.

  1. Sabar (Patience) & Shukar (Gratitude)

“The point of patience is actually the point of gratitude.”

You failed in the paper you prepared with your full efforts? Can’t get a job even when your degree and CV is picture perfect? Can’t make ends meet? Are you unable to get what you wish for?

Remember: “Needs are met even that of a beggar while wishes are never met even of a king.”

See the bigger picture of life. Deal with setbacks with patience and gratitude.

Once you think you have had enough and your patience is on the verge of bursting, look around and observe. You’ll find thousands praying to be in the situation you’re in because they are in worse situations than yours.

Ever been to a hospital with a loved one? Observe people there. Many would just be waiting for their loved ones to open their eyes for a second even.

There’s no need to get upset for the setbacks life has to offer. Get help from patience and be grateful for what you have and whatever you had.

  1. Make Dua’a

Asking for favor from people will only make you dependent on them. You’ll be indebted forever to them.

Seek help from Allah. Make dua’a for everything you need and want.

Have strong faith that your dua’a will be answered in a way that is best for you. Put your trust in Allah and you’ll never be let down; Never ever.

  1. Leave Everything On Allah

Do your best and leave the rest on Allah. You can only do your best with clear intentions and purified thoughts and make dua’a for the best to happen. The rest is in the hands of Allah.

Trust in Allah’s plans. Allah is the ultimate planner of all planners. Allah knows what’s best so have faith that Allah will do the best.

Just like a child who’s learning to walk trusts his parents that they’ll not let him fall; you need to trust Allah. And even if you fall, be sure that this fall is temporary and is the best thing to happen to you right now.

Enjoy the blessings Allah showers on you and make this life as close to perfect as possible and pray for continual and ultimate perfection of aakhirah. Work on making your aakhirah perfect.


By : Mahenoor Shahid

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