What Motivates Me And Why


“Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure“, said Jeremy Bentham. It’s true that everything a human does is either for avoiding pain or gaining pleasure. Motivation is a personal thing. What motivates me may not motivate you. But there are also some general types of motivations. There is a proverb in law that every conflict involves women, money or land. As a lawyer, my motivations change with the passage of time. In early days, I just wanted to learn the practical advocacy. Learning was my motivation. Then after some period, it was the enjoyment of conducting a trial, which was my motivation. Then money became my ultimate motivation. By determining your motivations, you can figure out, what matters to you and why it matters to you. After determining your motivations, you can feed your motivations and can live more joyful life.

Here are some common types of motivations, which not only motivate me but also motivate most of the humans.


“Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit”, said author John C. Maxwell. We repeatedly perform those activities, which we enjoy. We want to go for swimming because we enjoy it. We want to play cricket because we enjoy it. We eat pizza, not only because we are hungry but because we enjoy eating pizza. Ask yourself, are you enjoying your work, your profession? Or it’s just a burdensome activity.


Robert Greene found his passion for writing books, after doing various types of eighty jobs. Why is passion so important? “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work again in your life”, said Confucius. It’s that important. Passion is simply the ultimate motivator. It’s the part of your true self. But finding your passion is not an easy task. It will be an injustice to not mention my favourite Sir Ken Robinson author of “The Element” and “Finding your Element”, who rightly stated, “Passion is the driver of achievement in every field”.

Choose a job you love!


Money is the biggest motivation after passion. People can even kill others just for the sake of money. You have to explore how much money motivates you. There is absolutely no wrong in earning money as much as you like, but don’t allow it to disturb your other areas of life such as relationships or your health. Money can help you in achieving your other goals and passions also.



Nelson Mandela had a purpose in life, to get freedom for the black South Africans, that’s why he spent 27 years of his life in jail. Edhi lived his life with a purpose of serving humanity, which he did. Some men choose a purpose for their lives, which becomes the motivating factor for all of their activities.


Some of us bestow more care to our family. We can do anything to fulfil any need of our family. Our family becomes our consistent motivation. Maybe we hate our work, but we can continue with that just for the care and nurture of our loved ones. Providing best means for my family is a great motivation for me.

Aasim Tasawar | Content Writer & Lawyer

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  1. Tassawar bro you are my seniro I am just a student of law but I have keen interest in English writing and reading after reading your blog I come to conculde that there are many repetition of words that irritates a reader ..so kindly avoid repetition and use more deep and thought provoking word ..but one thing is impressive that is relevancy and relation with thing and observation but you need to work on types of word…thanx …its good start…..keep going your passion would be your dream…Insh Allah..


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