Why We Are Thirsty For Inspiration?

Why We Are Thirsty For Inspiration


“Sometimes you need to push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

Inspiration is the ultimate motivation.

You have a brilliant new idea for a business. You are aspiring to be the next internationally known entrepreneur. You’re really sure of your success.

You are highly motivated!

Motivation keeps you going for some time but then since not every success is a straight path, you’ll find your spirits getting low. There will be many downs and lows and your motivation will suffer.

This is the time when most start-ups fail.

Consider another scenario; a more common one. You’re highly motivated for starting a healthy lifestyle. You’re now physically suffering from a number of drawbacks that comes with bigger waistlines. You have got your diet and exercise charts printed. You stocked up ypur refrigerator and pantry with all healthy stuff. You’ve read about it all and you are starting your journey.

But the cravings strike. There will be times when you just have to had a strong control over yourself and avoid over indulging in snacks/ cheat meals.

There will be times when you do get off the track. Multiple slips and frequent cheat meals lead to demotivation. And that leads to failure; although you were highly motivated in the beginning.

Inspiration comes into play once the motivation has gone down.

It’s the force that keeps you going when everything seems to fall apart.

Long after the motivational phase is over, inspiration is the factor that helps us keep going and  leads to success.

If you’re inspired you’ll get back on track to a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re inspired you’ll rise as a successful leader.

Inspiration gives you a vision, a mission. It sparks your creativity to handle all the mishaps that comes along the way. It keeps you high; when circumstances for success are seemingly low.

To find inspiration you need to evaluate yourself and reflect your inner self.

Before I list down some ways let me tell you a brief experience of mine that elaborates what inspiaration is and how it differs from motivation.

There’s a course I had been meaning to opt in for a long time. I found the course on sale at a discounted rate. Reviews were awesome. I was highly motivated to get back my investment after benefiting from the course and earning by putting into practice the teachings. I had money and taking my career on another level as motivation factors. Course started and I fell sick. I messaged the coach, excusing myself for a week. The coach was okay with it and he replied “Delays should not be denials”. Then came Eid holidays and celebrations and I fell off the track. My motivation got lowered. Later, I got an eye infection and was strictly prohibited from using screens. No mobile, no laptop, no computer. Nothing. Many of my on-going projects suffered. Not all clients understand. So I suffered mentally and physically. My motivation to start the course was zero! But then I remembered “Delays should not be denials” and this sentence inspired me and I am starting the course again. I know I am late. I may be ridiculed for being so late but I am inspired to make it work for me now.

Inspirational Sources:

Below I am listing some sources that may inspire you to succeed at your endeavors.

  1. A sentence. In my case it is “Delays should not be denials”.
  2. Travelling
  3. Exploring another culture.
  4. Photography
  5. A walk in the park. A rest at beach.
  6. Motivational Quotes.
  7. Success stories.s
  8. Biographies
  9. TED Talks. Highly recommended.
  10. A noble cause.
  11. Friends and family.

These are some of the many sources that have the power to inspire you. Once inspired, spark your creativity, burn the midnight oil. Let success come to you!

By Mahenoor Shahid – Mahnoor Shahid is a gold medalist from Aptech and working as freelance web and software developer, she is passionate about creating and loves to write, she is also running a blog for ladies who are working and managing their homes.

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