Why we need inspiration?

I saw an under construction mosque and I went there and saw various masons working, I asked one of them how things are going and he replied, “this work seems never ending, I am not getting enough to support my family, I don’t know why we are working seven days a week and not getting any leave, I am frustrated” , I walked away, few steps after I saw another worker and I asked him how things are going, and he replied cheerfully, “this building is taking forever to be built, I am not getting enough to support my family, but still we are working seven days a week, but I am satisfied because I know that I am making a mosque” – the two of them talked about the same stuff, work is taking too long to end, not getting enough payment, working seven days a week, but there is one difference, one of them knows why he is doing what he is doing! This is where inspiration comes into action! (Above story concept is inspired by a story written in the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek)

The work quality among the two workers will not be the same one of them is not satisfied from his work, he feel frustrated from the situation he is in, the other one is content he knows that he isn’t getting any much money, or easiness, but he doing it for a cause and he is putting all his effort, to make a difference. You can imagine yourself what will be the difference of work quality among the two of them.

This is one of the applications of inspiration, that it urges one person to do a task selflessly, and when we do something selflessly we do it by all our heart, put all our effort, do anything we can do for it, can work seven days a week, 365 a year, forget about hunger, thirst, sleep, and at the end when we look at our creation we knew that this is what we wanted, this is what we are heading towards!

This is why we created inspiratian.com, to bring people to write and talk more about this gift.


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