Your Values Define Who You Are

You Values Define Who You Are

Have you ever wondered why you do certain acts? Why you became a person that you are now? What defines your choices, preferences, and overall behavior? The answer to these questions lies in a phenomenon that is the core of you. Your whole life revolves around this phenomenon and that is none other than the values that you cleave to.

Values play an important role in human life. A person’s behavior, lifestyle, and choices depend upon what values he/she holds.

But what do the values mean essentially?

What are your core values?

Your values are the part of your personal identity; they define what you love, whom you love, and how you react to different situations. They mean everything you believe in, everything you hold as of worth. They refer to the principles, the judgment regarding what is important for you in life. In short, they are everything that you value, be it a rule or a treasure. Whether identified or unidentified, values shape and define your personal identity.

Your values define who you are!

It is not you who defines your values; rather it is the values that define you. As the renowned author, Jennifer Crusie says, “Values aren’t buses… They’re not supposed to get you anywhere. They’re supposed to define who you are.”

For example, if your honesty is your treasure, it definitely is replicated in your behavior and choices. Above all, it will define you as a person who does not hold the fear of others. It means that when it comes to being honest, you will not require other people’s approval or validation for your actions.

Not only this but also what you value in your life or what you want from life is the determinant of what choices you would make in future. If you want a prosperous or a comfortable life, you would opt for a job or a business instead of going for social work or activism.

Identify your values

Having said that, you need to identify your core values, just to make sure you are on the right path. Identifying your values enables you to be clear as to what do you want, what you need to achieve what you want, and what you should avoid while achieving what you want.

Understanding your values leads you to understand yourself. Identifying them is no big task. Identify the instances when you feel the happiest. As the dictum goes, ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Happiness implies that there is no internal struggle within you. It depicts fulfilment. It means that your heart and your mind are at peace. Identify this time. Find what were you doing, and who were you doing it with. Find out other aspects of the situation and it will lead you to your core values.

Prioritize your values

The next thing to do is to prioritize your values. Try to incorporate your values into your routine and that embark you on to a path of peaceful and fulfilled life.

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