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08 Youth Issues - Career Selection - Syed Owais Mukhtar

When we talk about youth issues, let us not forget that career selection is one of the top issues faced by the youth. Youngsters these days are surrounded by a lot of options, suggestions, theories, and queries. All of this information together makes it very difficult for a youngster to select his career. This is the reason we see many young people choosing their career inappropriately and joining careers which do not match with their strengths, skills and personality.
Today we will talk about how can you choose your career.

Discover yourself
The first thing in carrier selection is discovering about yourself. By discovering I mean to find out what are the strength, what are the weaknesses, what are the skills and abilities you have. Some people have some of the inborn qualities which are well developed through the time they are born till their youth. Therefore if they select the career according to those qualities then it is possible that they can easily join a perform well due to those qualities and abilities. For example, if your parents are good readers and you see them reading books during your childhood then it is quite obvious that you will develop the love of reading and writing. You will take less time to learn those skills which are required to be a good writer, than those people who don’t have those skills.
We can see some kids quite and shy, while there are some kids who are talkative and have leadership abilities. Both of them have a different set of skills and abilities and can use those abilities in their professional life as well.

Know your interest
This is also related to yourself. There are some things you like more than other things. For example, some people love to talk to meet new people see new places and make connections, if you are that type of person then you will perform well in the profession which requires meeting new people like sales, marketing, and public relations.
But if you don’t like to meet new faces but love to work on your own and focus on your own work. Then it is possible that you will perform very good in those professionals in which there is lack of meeting new people as a job requirement for example field of research, writing, social media marketing.
If you will join the field of your interest then you will perform better than those who have joined that field of work only for money.

Earning is necessary
We work for bread and butter. The profession you have selected must be able to earn the amount of money that you require to fulfil your family needs. Sometimes people work half-heartedly when they know that they will not be able to earn much from this profession. Also, our motivation goes down if the compensation is less than the amount of work you are doing. Therefore while choosing your career also research the earning aspects as well.

Follow your vision
The profession you are choosing must be able to match with your social norms, culture, religion and values. Man is a social animal, there is a research which proves that people live a long and healthy life if they remain attached to their family and community. Therefore if you have chosen a profession which caused you disconnected from your community, then think seriously about changing your profession to maintain the professional as well as social relations together to live a healthy and long life 🙂
Hope this article will make you think differently about choosing your career.

Syed Owais Mukhtar, is a health and safety professional and trainer, he loves to write on the topic of self-help, productivity and motivation, he also runs a YouTube channel for the guidance of youth and health and safety videos.

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  1. Very useful article. It really compelled me to think differently. But the root cause of our confusion is we don’t know the scope and future of different fields. It would be really helpful if you write on it.
    Thank you 😊


    1. Sure Abdullah, thanks for your suggestion, there are about total 12000 professions 🙂 and it would be very hard to write about each one of them, however I will try to cover the most common one. Thanks again


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